What if there is a balance of eggs left in the machine?

Remove the eggs from the machines, and then process the new batch. Once the new batch process is completed (LED turns green), you can safely place the previous balance of eggs back into the machine and ready to serve.

What if I accidentally pressed the button again after the process cycle has completed?

Not a problem. But bear in mind not to reprocess the eggs again which this might resulting the egg yolk to become more concentrate but still acceptable 

What if the level of water is under or over the water level mark?

Not a problem unless water level is below the THERMOCOUPLE/SENSOR. If this happens, the eggs will be either be a little undercooked (just top up with water to the water level mark and start cooking process again) or overcooked (still acceptable within the soft boiled (half boiled) eggs standard).

What grades of eggs should I use in the machine?

Any grades will be fine, although the recommended commercial Grade B is a good option.

What is the power consumption of this machine?

Per process is approximately 35 sen and if the machine is switched on for 24 hours, it will cost approximately MYR 4.00

How long is the warranty period given?

Tamago® TC-100 Soft Boiled (Half Boiled) Egg Processing Machine is under warranty for 1 Year!!!

Can we put in more than 80 eggs?

Not a problem. But make sure water does not overflow when covered with lid!

What about technical support?

Our troubleshooters will always be at your service in times of need. We operate from Mon – Fri, 9 am to 5 pm daily. We are closed on National Public Holidays and Selangor Public Holidays.

What if there is a power failure or a power trip?

Which all you need to do is start the process again by pressing (I) and then press (II) once power comes back on.

What if I forget to place the cover lid on the machine while processing?

Check one egg first. If the egg is not satisfactory, then restart the cooking again by pressing (I) and then (II), this time WITHOUT covering.

What if I forgot to remove the cover when the LED has turned green?

Results are acceptable by the commercial soft boiled (half boiled) eggs standard.

What happens if the eggs are left overnight and beginning to smell?

Well, do not keep the half boiled eggs overnight.

What if there is no water in the container and I switched on the machine to begin processing?

There are 3 safety fuse to counter any untoward electrical events.

Are there any certificates of safety conformity for this machine?

Tamago® TC-100 is now undergoing stringent safety tests .for few Part in the machine Is already approved by SIRIM,CE,UL

What is the return of this investment?

Conservative calculation: Based on the selling price at RM1.80 per set, the cost of Grade B eggs (2pcs) at RM0.70, cost for water, electrical and etc. at RM0.10 (2pcs).
Selling price RM1.80 – Cost RM0.80 = Profit RM1.00/Set
Profit RM1.00 X 80 Set per day = RM80.00 X 44 days = RM3,520
Approximately 44 days will get back your initial investment.