How tamaGo® came about…

Years ago, the inventor had observed at how people go about processing and selling soft boiled (half boiled) eggs in F&B outlets. He noticed that the soft boiled (half boiled) eggs were most of the time inconsistent in quality. Customers were expecting to see runny yolks with soft fluffy egg whites but many were disappointed with the outcome as it varies from one situation to another. Hence, the inventor took upon himself this groundbreaking personal challenge to develop a machine that not only able to process soft boiled (half boiled) eggs consistently at all times but also with the technology to:

  1. Able to process in large quantities for commercial/industrial usage
  2. Able to process the egg white and egg yolk to an acceptable consistency At All Times
  3. Able to preserve the nutrients in the eggs
  4. Able to allow minimum usage of electricity
  5. An advocate to the Slow Cooked Movement concept

In addition to that, the machine is in line with the Government’s suggestion that local restaurants to automate and use modern machinery to ease the workload & reduce the dependency on manpower. “Automate to reduce foreign labour”- The Star Newspaper, April 19, 2010


Our popular brand tamaGo® is trademarked under Class7-2010009334 & Class11-2010009335. The present invention of tamaGo®relates to machines capable of heating and consistently warming of the eggs for a prolonged period of time, and particularly to the heating of eggs in large quantities, up to an ideal optimum temperature and timing. The built-in intelligence  has been programmed to monitor and ensure consistency in warming the eggs for hours. Traditionally, soft boiled (half boiled) eggs are achieved by placing the eggs into a water container or steel mug and pouring hot boiling water into it and letting it soak for a period of time. Under this practice, the soft boiled (half boiled) eggs varies in quality and texture as the consistency depends very much on different sizes of eggs, temperature of the water and timing. There is also another method whereby one can purchase off the shelves from some of those stores for a well designed plastic container/gadgets currently being quite popularly used by kopitiams & cafes. This gadgets too has its limitations as to the maximum quantity it can process at any one time and over a period of usage, the perforated panel gets choked up and the eggs will be either over-cooked or undercooked. In addition to that, there are also other electrical appliances that are actually designed for steaming food but happenned to double up as a soft boil egg contraption.