Company Profile


1-Invention Sdn Bhd was founded in 2009 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and is spearheaded by John Chong Yu Lieh. 1-Invention Sdn Bhd has now grown from strength to strength with extensive distribution channels nationally as well as supplying to international market. With state of the art instrumentation and a team of dedicated staff, 1-Invention Sdn Bhd has earned a reputation in the provision of improving lifestyle products. 1-Invention Sdn Bhd has its headquarters in Taman Mayang, Selangor D.E. In addition to its current commercial flagship tamaGo® soft boiled (half boiled) egg processing machine, the company’s R&D department is constantly upgrading on its innovative and state-of-the-art technology to produce future products that will enhance quality living standards. Quality Assurance has always been an important factor in ensuring our clients’ confidence in 1-Invention’s products.

Company Profile

It was a simple idea that started 1-Invention Sdn Bhd on its track of making a difference in the lives of its customers. An idea so ingenious and indispensable that a company just had to be formed to fully develop, design, produce, test and market it. Today, the reason for our existence still holds strong … of finding new, profound ways to improve, add value and increase efficiency in the name of modern living.


Where do ideas come from? Is it a process? Is it an inborn talent? Is it seeing the world through different eyes? Ideas can never be forced. Nor is it a special skill possessed by the chosen few. Ideas just happen. And we make it our business to recognize them and bring them to life. With such intangible raw material as our stock-in-trade, our potential nevertheless is limitless unfettered by economic, social and infrastructural boundaries. Our growth is as big as we want it to be and our future is secure because there is always demand for a good idea.


Crucial to our business is putting action behind our thoughts. We pioneer products and distribute it through our channels. Recognizing that a good idea is nothing until someone actively works on it, we work with a team – designers tc give it a look, engineers to make it work, technicians to make it smart, financiers to drive it through, producers who give it form and marketers who make it desirable. Our network of business partners work real hard to ensure that a 1-Invention product is given every chance of success. So, regardless of the product that you seek, a business association, a strategic tie-up or just simply a thought that you have to share, give us a call. We always like to hear about new ideas of working and doing business together.